2024 Miss Universe Contestants Gallery

Continuing with the Roman numeral theme, the 2024 Miss Universe contestant gallery will be called MMXXIVSS UNIVERSE since MMXXIV is 2024 in Roman numerals!

The big day for the finals of Miss Universe 2024 is rumored to be held on November 17, 2024 where we will witness the crowning of the new Miss Universe being held in Mexico City, Mexico. The land of the Mariachi is hosting the Miss Universe pageant for the fifth time in history and we learned the location when Mexican businessman, Raul Rocha Cantu made a special appearance to make the announcement during the 2023 Miss Universe pageant which was held on November 18, 2023 in El Salvador. Mexico hosted the Miss Universe pageants of 1978 (won by South Africa's Margaret Gardiner), 1989 (won by Holland's Angela Visser), 1993 (won by Puerto Rico's Dayanara Torres) and 2007 (won by Japan's Riyo Mori). Who will be the lucky woman chosen this year?!?!


(posted 2024 May 9)
Hawaii's Savannah Gankiewicz who was originally 1st runner up at the 2023 Miss USA pageant has officially accepted the title on May 9, 2024 after the announcement of the resignation of original winner, Utah's Noelia Voigt on May 6, 2024. Savannah will reign until the new Miss USA is crowned on August 4, 2024.


(posted 2024 May 8)
It was announced today on May 8, 2024 that Miss Teen USA 2023-New Jersey's UmaSofia Srivistava has decided to resign as Miss USA which marks the first time in Miss Teen USA history that a Miss Teen USA titleholder has voluntarily resigned. This is only two days after the resignation of reigning Miss USA 2023, Utah's Noelia Voigt announced her resignation. In a social media post from UmaSofia herself, she cites that her personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization. No encrypted message in this post though. We will find out soon if any of UmaSofia's runners-up accepts the title of Miss Teen USA. Her runners-up were: 1st Runner-Up: New York's Stephanie Skinner, 2nd Runner-Up: Pennsylvania's Maggie Ross, 3rd Runner-Up: Texas' Haylee Puckett, 4th Runner-Up: Ohio's Carolina Sola.
Also, the director to select Mexico's representative at Miss Universe has changed hands once again. Osmel Sousa (the czar of beauty who was responsible for much of Venezuela's success at Miss Universe) who was named MUO's President Advisor replaced Cynthia de la Vega (who replaced Miss Universe 1991-Lupita Jones who long served as Mexico's national director since 1994 and Lupita also worked with Osmel as the two were judges for the reality show 'Nuestra Belleza Latina') with Martha Cristiana Merino (2nd runner up at Miss International 1986) named as Mexico's National Director and Cynthia Velarde as the Mexican franchise's CEO. Cynthia was famously dethroned by Lupita as Mexico's 2011 Miss World representative but Cynthia has posted on social media that she voluntarily left citing changes that have taken place in the organization that contradict her values and principles. 2024 is shaping up to be one turbulent year!

(posted 2024 May 6)
It was announced today on May 6, 2024 that Miss USA 2023-Utah's Noelia Voigt has decided to resign as Miss USA which marks the first time in Miss USA history that a Miss USA titleholder has voluntarily resigned. You will recall that Miss USA 1957, Maryland's Leona Gage was dethroned when it was discovered that she was a twice married mother of two boys who lied about her age but these rules have been changed in 2023 so women who have been married, have children and as of 2024 of any adult age can compete for Miss USA. In a social media post from Noelia herself, she cites prioritizing her mental health as a reason for resignation but many have noticed a seemingly decoded message as every sentence in Noelia's post begins with the letters, 'I AM SILENCED' and many have commented that the titleholders' social media accounts aren't controlled by the titleholders but by the company. In a year full of change with many changes in state directors, there has also been a recent change as to who is managing social media for Miss USA and Teen USA and on May 3, it was recently announced by Laylah Rose's company, VVV Global that their new Co-Director and VP of Social Media Relations on social media was changed to Jordan Kimball who served as a color commentator for the 2023 Miss USA pageant. Jordan replaces Claudia Michelle Engelhardt who announced that she was stepping down as Social Media Director for Miss USA via social media on May 3.
As to who replaces Noelia, it should be the first runner-up in the 2023 pageant which was Miss Hawaii USA-Savannah Gankiewicz but there is a possibility that she may not accept the Miss USA title (which also happened in 1967 when Alabama's Sylvia Hitchcock won Miss Universe as Miss USA but Sylvia was succeeded as Miss USA by 2nd runner up, Florida's Cheryl Patton when 1st runner up, California's Susan Bradley declined to accept the Miss USA title). We will find out soon if Savannah accepts the title of Miss USA but if she doesn't accept the title, the following runners-up might be offered the title in the orders of 2nd runner up-Miss Wisconsin USA 2023-Alexis Loomans, 3rd runner up-Miss Pennsylvania USA 2023-Jasmine Daniels or 4th runner up-Miss Texas USA 2023-Lluvia Alzate.

(posted 2024 April 26)
On the 'perfect date' of April 25, it was announced that the CW network signed a three year deal to broadcast both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. That's right, friends! For the first time since 2007, Miss Teen USA is back on network television!! The finals for Miss Teen USA 2024 will be broadcast on August 1 on the CW and Miss USA 2024 will be broadcast on August 4. (You will remember that Miss Teen USA 2023 could only be watched on the CW app which wasn't available outside the U.S. but Miss USA 2023 did air on the CW boasting approximately 1.1 million U.S. viewers causing Miss USA 2023 to give the CW network their biggest ratings in 3 years!) Bravo to new president, Laylah Rose for getting both the 2024 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants back on the air and they will be held in Hollywood, California with the delegates arriving during the period of July 26, 2024 to August 4, 2024.

(posted 2024 February 10)
Laylah Rose just announced in New York that the 2024 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants will be held in Hollywood, California during the period of July 26, 2024 to August 4, 2024. All state pageants should be concluded by the end of June.

(posted 2024 February 9)
In a year full of change, Amy Emmerich has announced that she is stepping down as CEO of the Miss Universe Organization as of March 1. As you will remember, Paula Shugart who was the president of the Miss Universe organization also left in November 2023 after the recently concluded 2023 Miss Universe pageant. There have also been many changes in state directors for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants and even Karen Celebertti who was last year's director for Nicaragua's pageant to select their representative for Miss Universe was banned from her country along with her daughter as the Nicaraguan government appeared displeased after Sheynnis Palacios' win of the 2023 Miss Universe pageant since it led to mass celebratory events throughout Nicaragua not seen since 2018 when there were anti-government protests in which Celebertti and her husband Martin Arguello participated and the dictatorship banned such peaceful protests. This led to Karen's husband Martin and son being arrested in Nicaragua for 40 days shortly after Sheynnis' win but they were released. Karen's family has now been banished from returning to Nicaragua so Karen and her daughter have now been given jobs by the Miss Universe Organization at their new headquarters in Mexico so hopefully Karen's new job will be some form of consolation for the horrible way this family was treated.

(posted 2024 January 24)
On January 23, 2024, it was announced that Mexican businessman, Raul Rocha Cantu (who recently acquired the franchise to select the Mexican representative for Miss Universe) has purchased a 50 percent share of the Miss Universe Organization from Khun Anne Jakrajutatip's JKN Global Group for $16 million U.S. You will recall that Khun Anne paid $20 million U.S. for the Miss Universe Organization in 2022 but JKN Global group stock has been tumbling significantly since March 2021 causing a filing for bankruptcy but shares look like they are starting to go back up just recently. Raul's company is called Legacy Holdings and the merged company created for the Miss Universe merger is JKN Legacy. The Miss Universe Skincare line with still be under Olivia Quido's directorship. Miss Universe will remain a private corporation based in the United States. The overall direction of the media property will remain unchanged, including recent rule changes and eligibility requirements.
The corporate headquarters will be based in Mexico City; digital, social media, and communications will come out of New York City; and the Thailand branch will be responsible for in-house content and production. Sheynnis Palacios, the 2023 Miss Universe titleholder, will continue to be based in New York City where she fulfills her duties as a global ambassador and mental health advocate.
There are also plans to start a Miss Universe museum in Mexico featuring different crowns used over the years and possibly various artifacts like gowns and pictures and possible replicas of former titleholders so we shall see if this ambitious project comes to fruition.

(posted 2023 November 25)
On September 12, 2023, Miss Universe 2022, USA's R'Bonney Gabriel announced on social media that starting with the 2024 season, there is no longer an age limit so now ALL adult women (be they single, married, with or without children and transwomen) and at least 18 years of age can all compete for their Miss USA state titles or their national titles to get to Miss Universe. 28 years of age used to be the limit but women are delaying getting married and having children to compete in pageants and now they don't even have to do that as married women and mothers with children were allowed to do compete as of 2023 and we saw a married delegate at Miss USA 2023 which was Maine's Juliana Morehouse Locklear who went unplaced. Then, at Miss Universe 2023, Guatemala's Michelle Cohn and Colombia's Camila Avella both competed being married mothers with children and Colombia's delegate made the top 5 at Miss Universe 2023 while Guatemala's delegate went unplaced.

This year's pageant will again be on Roku and Telemundo (Spanish version) for U.S. viewers and on youtube for Canadian viewers.

Are you excited?!?!?! Is it your country's turn?!?!?!

Who will be crowned MMXXIVSS UNIVERSE (a.k.a. Miss Universe 2024?)
Let's meet the contestants crowned so far!!!

Albania-Franceska Rustem

Franceska is a model at 19 years old, born and raised in the city of Durres. Albania has never won the crown but they have placed four times (2002, 2009, 2010 and 2019). Will Albania be able to bring the glory back to her country?

Argentina-Magali Benejam Corthey

Magali represented Cordoba and is a a 29-year-old model, actress and astrology student. Notably, this year's Miss Universe Argentina contest had a 60-year-old contestant with the age limit eliminated this year and that contestant, Alejandra Rodriguez of Buenos Aires placed among the top 15. The land of tango and Evita Peron has only won the Miss Universe crown back in 1962 thanks to Norma Nolan and they last placed in 2020. Will Magali achieve for her country and prompt her people to not cry for her??

Bahamas-Selvinique Wright

With the age limit of 28 years of age being removed this year, we now have 32-year-old Selvinique representing the host country of the 2009 Miss Universe pageant. She wants to use her story to inspire other women that there is no deadline to pursue your dreams. Her story is one of perseverance and dedication, after winning the Bahamas crown on her fourth attempt. The Bahamas only placed once when Chantel O'Brian placed among the top 10 of Miss Universe 2021 but they have never won the crown so will Selvinique's story bring a crown to the 700 islands of exquisite culture??

Belgium-Kenza Johanna Ameloot

The diamond capital of Europe sends Kenza this year who models for Dominique Models and holds a bachelor's degree in international business. Belgium did place in 2018 but they have never won the Miss Universe crown but they have placed in the top 6 in 1981 and 1992. Will Kenza's exotic look win Belgium some favor this year?

Belize-Halima Hoy

The land of the jaguar and the Mundo Maya sends us 29-year-old Halima Hoy this year. The land of the largest living coral reef hasn't placed since way back in 1979 and they have never won the Miss Universe crown so could Halima change that this year?

Bonaire-Ruby Pouchet

The diver's dream in the Caribbean sends us Ruby this year after a long absence since Bonaire hasn't competed at Miss Universe since 1999 if you can believe it. Ruby originally won her national crown in 2022 and later represented Bonaire at Miss Grand International 2023 going unplaced but could she give Bonaire their first placement ever at Miss Universe?

Colombia-Daniela Toloza Rocha

The world's finest coffee land sends us Daniela this year who hails from Valle del Cauca and is Colombia's first representative to be 30 years old under the new elimination of age limits this year. Daniela has an inspiring story of personal overcoming and transformation as she revealed on her Instagram account that she struggled for many years with being overweight but lost the weight to become the fit woman she is today. The land of passions and emeralds has captured the Miss Universe crown twice thanks to Luz Marina Zuluaga in 1958 and Paulina Vega for 2014 so could Daniela bring the land of victoric orchids another Miss Universe crown??

China-Jia Qi

The land of the great wall sends us Jia Qi this year who was supposed to compete for 2023 but she was crowned late and got a visa but only arrived after the preliminary interview was completed and therefore could not compete so she will compete for 2024. Jia is a former track and field athlete as well as a fitness enthusiast. China has never won the crown but their best finish was as 2nd runner up in 2002 which was technically elevated to 1st runner up when the original 2002 Miss Universe winner was dethroned and they last placed in 2017. How will Jia do?

Croatia-Zrinka Coric

The greatest treasure of middle Europe sends us Zrinka this year. Hrvatske has never won the Miss Universe crown but they have placed 4 times among the semifinalists with the most recent placement being among the top 20 in 2019. Will Zrinka be able to bring some glory back to her nation?

Curaçao-Kimberly De Boer

This artistic beauty is a painter and a mental health advocate. The sunny island of Curaçao has never won the crown but they have come close three times earning a first runner-up placement in 1968 with Anne-Marie Braafheid in addition to two ladies finishing in the top 5, Verna Vasquez in 1997 and Gabriëla Dos Santos in 2022 when they last placed. Is it finally time for this unique blend of cultures to capture the Miss Universe crown and will Kimberly do it??

Dominican Republic-María Celinée Santos Frías

The land where your heart flames to the rhythms of merengue sends us this exquisite law student, model, actress and digital creator this year. The land where culture reaches your heart and the host country of the 1977 Miss Universe pageant has only captured the Miss Universe crown once back in 2003 thanks to Amelia Vega and they have been competing with much strength in recent years despite going unplaced last year but earning a 2nd runner up placement for 2022 with Andreina Martinez and a 4th runner up placement for 2020 with Kimberly Jimenez. Will Celinée keep the momentum going for the Dominican Republic and capture them another Miss Universe crown??

Ecuador-Mara Štefica Topic Verduga

The land where the hemispheres meet had a really intense competition this year. Mara is a seasoned pageant veteran for her nation having represented Ecuador at Miss Grand International 2019 placing among the top 10 at that pageant. Mara's possible high placement at Miss Universe will certainly be a "Topic" of discussion as it has been rumored that she may have said some unfavorable things about the reigning Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios who crowned her as Ecuador's Miss Universe representative. Mara had two very notable runners-up. The 1st runner up was Nadia Mejia who was previously Miss California USA 2016 and placed in the top 5 of Miss USA 2016 and you will also remember her as having two notable parents: singer Girardo who had a hit with 'Rico Suavé' and Nadia's mother is Kathy Eicher-Miss West Virginia USA 1989. If that wasn't enough, Mara's 2nd runner up was Katherine Espin who previously won the Miss Earth 2016 crown for Ecuador. Ecuador has never won the crown but has placed as 2nd runner up in 2013 which was also the last time they placed. Is Mara's intense competition already at the national level an indication that she is a frontrunner for the 2024 Miss Universe crown???

France-Indira Ampiot

Indira hails from Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe and won the Miss France 2023 which was held on 17 December 2022 in Châteauroux and was crowned by Diane Leyre who represented France at Miss Universe 2023 going unplaced. Partially of Indian origin through her maternal grandfather, Indira now has her opportunity to capture a third Miss Universe crown for the land of the Eiffel Tower. France won two Miss Universe crowns (1953 and 2016) and they last placed in 2021 and is one of only two countries that has competed at every Miss Universe pageant since its inception in 1952 (Canada is the other one and USA was disqualified in 1957 after preliminaries but before finals).

Germany-Pia Theissen

The land of Bach and Beethoven sends us Pia who shares a first name with Miss Universe 2015 so will this win this new Pia favor amongst the judges?? Pia is 25 years old, hails from Cologne and is a social worker, occupational therapist and yoga teacher who is fluent in German, English and Spanish. Germany has an amazing attendance record having only missed one Miss Universe pageant (2020-the Covid year) but has competed in every other year so will lovely Pia bring Germany back in the game? Germany hasn't won the crown since way back in 1961 when the stunning Marlene Schmidt captured the crown and they haven't placed since 2002 with my prediction that year, Natascha Borger who had previously competed in Miss Venezuela 2000 as Miss Yaracuy. Pia even aspires to be a DJ so will the country that has produced some of the best music (including my beloved genre of 90s Eurodance) triumph this year??

Greece-Christianna Katsieri

Christianna was appointed to represent the birthplace of the Olympic spirit after winning her national title back in 2022 and she recently represented the land of ancient gods at the 2023 Miss Earth pageant in Vietnam but going unplaced but we all know that one pageant can have completely different results than another so will Christianna be able to do wonders for Greece this year? Greece has only captured the Miss Universe crown once back in 1964 thanks to the effervescent, Corinna Tsopei and they last placed in 2005 just after hosting the Olympics in 2004. Will Christianna bring the birthplace of civilization back in the spotlight?

Kazakhstan-Madina Almukhanova

Kazakhstan has never placed at Miss Universe so Madina has a chance to make a name for her country. Will she achieve that elusive first placement for this land rich with accessible mineral and fossil fuel resources and can she even go all the way and capture her country's first Miss Universe crown?

Kosovo-Edona Bajrami

Edona was born and raised in Pristina but her family moved to Belgium when she was a child but Edona currently lives in New York. Kosovo has never won the Miss Universe crown but they have placed four times (2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012) with the 2009 titleholder, Gona Dragusha finishing as 2nd runner up. Will Edona bring Kosovo back in the game?

Kyrgyzstan-Maya Turdalieva

Maya was originally supposed to compete for Miss Universe 2023 but she was among the later delegates to be crowned on October 3 with the 2023 pageant on November 18 so to give her ample preparation time, Maya has been assigned to compete for 2024 instead. Kyrgyzstan has never placed so Maya has a chance to get her country's first placement.

Laos-Phiranya Thipphomvong

Phiranya is an actress and model who previously worked for Lao Airlines and founded We All Together which supports Laotian women and children. Laos has never won the Miss Universe crown but they did place once in 2022 thanks to Payengxa Lor so will Phiranya be able to bring her country some glory?

Mongolia-Nominzul Zandangiin

Nominzul was originally supposed to compete for Miss Universe 2023 but she was among the later delegates to be crowned on October 10 with the 2023 pageant on November 18 so to give her ample preparation time, Nominzul has been assigned to compete for 2024 instead. Mongolia has never placed so Nominzul has a chance to get her country's first placement.

Montenegro-Rumina Ivezaj

Montenegro hasn't placed as an individual country yet but Sanja Papic placed for the combined nation of Serbia & Montenegro back in 2003 finishing as 3rd runner up that year. Rumina is 19 years old and was actually born and raised in Germany but has roots in the Montenegrin cities of Tuzi and Malësia e Madhe. She is the oldest of 4 children and lost her mother who passed away when Rumina was 13 years old. She has been living with her sisters and brother with their grandparents since. Will stunning Rumina be able to make a name for her country in a very big way??

Myanmar-Thet San Andersen

Myanmar's representative is of Burmese descent on her mother's side and Swedish descent on her father's side and she is quite artistic running her own company called Seint Studios and she is also a Media Marketer and Product Designer/Developer. Myanmar has only placed once in Miss Universe history which was when Thuzar Wint Lwin made the top 21 for 2020. Will Thet San be able to bring the coveted crown to Myanmar?

New Zealand-Franki Russell

The Kiwis return after a lengthy absence having last competed in 2019. They haven't placed since 1992 with Lisa de Montalk and they won their only crown back in 1983 thanks to the stunning Lorraine Downes. Franki has been appointed to represent her nation and she is half-Filipina recognized as a reality star and actress in the Philippines and works to combat cyberbullying. Will the land of the long white cloud overshadow the competition this year with Franki?

Paraguay-Claudia Naomi Mendez

There's an interesting story behind this one as Naomi was appointed to represent Paraguay with the official announcement on May 29 and an appearance the same day in Marie Claire magazine indicated that she was actually selected a while ago. A speaker of four languages, Naomi actually lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and she even previously represented another country (Argentina) in the Miss Eco Universe 2016 pageant which triggered some curiosities. Paraguay has never won the Miss Universe crown but their best placement was as 1st runner up in 2021 thanks to Nadia Ferreira who recently married Marc Anthony and gave birth to their son. Marc Anthony was previously married to Dayanara Torres-Miss Universe 1993 who bore two sons with Marc. Will Naomi be able to bring a first Miss Universe crown to the world's largest exporter of organic sugar, Paraguay??

Persia (Iran)-Fay Asghari

Instead of competing under the name of Iran, a delegate from the region of Persia has been crowned and if the name Asghari sounds familiar, it should as Fay is the sister of Sam Asghari who was the most recent ex-husband of pop superstar Britney Spears! This competition just keeps getting more interesting, doesn't it?? Fay is a nurse and lives in the United States but is of Persian descent and therefore qualified to compete for her national title so we shall see if this first time competing country can pull off the rare first win for her nation as was most recently done by Botswana's Mpule Kwelagobe in 1999.

Peru-Tatiana Calmell del Solar

Let's have Tea with Tati! The land of the Incas and Machu Picchu is being represented by Tatiana who was previously Miss Peru International 2022, where she placed 2nd Runner-Up at Miss International 2022 to Germany's Jasmin Selberg. Of all the countries that have won Miss Universe, Peru has had to wait the longest for a repeat win as they won their only Miss Universe crown way back in 1957 thanks to Gladys Zender but Peru has been faring well lately placing in 4 of the last 5 Miss Universe pageants including a 2nd runner up placement for 2020 so will Tatiana bring home the glory for the host country of the 1982 Miss Universe pageant??

Philippines-Chelsea Anne Manalo

The pearl of the Orient seas has crowned an early favorite with their first delegate of African-American descent on her father's side with Chelsea Anne Manalo who represented Bulacan. Chelsea previously competed in the Miss World Philippines 2017 pageant placing among the top 15 there so that experience has paid off. The pageant-obsessed nation of the Philippines has captured the Miss Universe crown 4 times (1969, 1973, 2015 and 2018) and they have hosted the Miss Universe pageant 3 times (1974, 1994 and for 2016). Chelsea also has a similar name and an African-American father just like the late, great Chelsi Smith-Miss Universe 1995 so is it time again for the tropical haven of Asia to capture the crown with Chelsea??

Portugal-Andreia Cristina Correia Pinto

The land of explorers is sending its first black delegate this year with Andreia being yet another history-making delegate following their delegate last year, Marina Machete who became the first openly trans delegate to place at Miss Universe. Portugal has yet to win the crown and only placed for the first time in 2011 and again in 2019. Andreia previously won Miss Portugal UK 2019 and she has even already won another international crown previously winning the title of Miss Aura International 2020 but went unplaced at the inaugural 2023 Miss Charm pageant. Will Andreia's early success translate over to the Miss Universe stage and get Portugal their first Miss Universe crown??

Togo-Débora Yayra Agbawudzo

I'll have a Miss Universe to go! We've had rumors of Togo competing in pageants past but if this delegate does indeed compete, it will be the first time that Togo has competed at Miss Universe. A first time competing country hasn't won since Botswana's Mpule Kwelagobe won Miss Universe 1999 with Botswana's very first Miss Universe delegate. Could Togo's delegate do the same thing???

Venezuela-Ileana Marquez Pedroza

Ileana is the first mother chosen to compete for 2024. She gave birth to one daughter, Guadalupe Antonella when Ileana was 16 and raises her as a single mother but Ileana is now 27 years of age and with the new rules instated in 2023, mothers can now compete for Miss Universe and Colombia's 2023 representative placed in the top 5 of Miss Universe 2023 (Another mother that placed in the top 5 was Wales' Helen Morgan who was 1st runner up at Miss Universe 1974 and later the dethroned Miss World 1974). Ileana studied to educate elementary students but she is currently a television host and model. Of course, Venezuela has done extremely well in international pageantry claiming 7 Miss Universe crowns. Venezuela has placed in 14 of the last 17 Miss Universe pageants missing the semifinals only in 2010, 2016 and 2020 and last winning the crown in 2013. Ileana apparently has tattoos but she does seem to have a compelling story but then there's that whole story about Venezuela bailing on hosting 2024 resulting in Mexico being the 2024 host but could they host in the future? Will any of this affect Ileana? We shall see!

Zimbabwe-Sakhile Dube

The big favorite, Sakhile won the crown to represent the land of Victoria Falls and she is very familiar to the pageant scene as she previously represented Zimbabwe at Miss Earth 2022 placing among the top 8 there and also competing at Miss Supranational 2023 placing among the top 24 earning the highest African placement at that pageant and winning the African division of the Supra model of the year award. Zimbabwe has only placed once when the outstanding Corrinne Crewe finished 8th at Miss Universe 2000. Will Sakhile's experience cause her to triumph and win Zimbabwe's first Miss Universe crown??

Keep checking back regularly and pick your favorites for the 2024 Miss Universe title otherwise known as...