YES!!!!!!!!!! My prediction wins the crown! Congratulations to Logan West of Connecticut on capturing that state's first Miss Teen USA crown. Logan is a phenomenal young woman who will be an excellent titleholder.

The results of the semifinals were interesting as I correctly predicted 7 of the semifinalists plus 2 alternates (Ohio and Alabama) and 1 honorable mention (New Mexico). 5 of the 6 ladies that escaped my list were all mentioned just below my honorable mentions (Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Georgia and Hawaii) and then Wyoming managed to charm the judges and get a spot which didn't really surprise me because she had a pleasantness about her. With Teen, it can go a lot of ways but I'm happy that I got the winner right at least to redeem myself from Miss USA when my winner somehow didn't place so I'm back on track! Miss Congeniality was Vermont and Miss Photogenic went to Oklahoma.

My full commentary on Miss Teen USA 2012 will be posted on August 5.



Winner=Connecticut-Logan West

Winner=Connecticut-Logan West*

1st Runner Up=West Virginia-Elizabeth Sabatino

1st Runner Up=Michigan-Courtney Pizzimenti*

2nd Runner Up=Michigan-Courtney Pizzimenti

2nd Runner Up=Nebraska-Sarah Summers

3rd Runner Up=Oklahoma-Jessica Martin

3rd Runner Up=North Carolina-Kat Puryear*

4th Runner Up=Ohio-Kendall Fein

4th Runner Up=Delaware-Angela Viscount



Alabama-Peyton Brown

Nevada-Katie Eklund

Georgia-Courtney Smits

West Virginia-Elizabeth Sabatino*

Hawaii-Kathryn Teruya

New Jersey-Kendal Barrett

Illinois-Alexandra Plotz

Utah-Keilara McCormick*

Kansas-Katie Taylor

Arizona-Alexa Zellers

New Mexico-Jacqueline Cai

Idaho-Kimberly Layne

New York-Sabrina Mastrangelo

Texas-Madison Lee

North Carolina-Kat Puryear

Mississippi-Jessica Carter

South Carolina-Shannon Ford

Kansas-Katie Taylor*

Utah-Keilara McCormick

Florida-Sydney Martinez

Wyoming-Sydney Graus

South Carolina-Shannon Ford*


ALTERNATES:Ohio*, Maine, Alabama*, Arkansas, Indiana


HONORABLE MENTIONS:New Mexico*, Tennessee, Washington, Maryland, Missouri


* = made actual top 16


So after studying each of this year's delegates by watching their online videos, viewing pictures and after watching the preliminaries, I have come up with a final list but it was extremely hard as it normally is, especially with Teen but here's what I'm going with!


Winner=Connecticut-Logan West

I think Logan has just the right look for Miss Teen USA, especially with those dimpled cheeks. Her interview skills are very strong and her gown and swimsuit are very teen-appropriate so I just get the right impression of her in every aspect so she gets the honored position as my winner this year.

1st Runner Up=Michigan-Courtney Pizzimenti

This girl is just so gorgeous that I hope to see her do extremely well. Courtney's look might be deemed a little more Miss than Teen but that face, hair and body are just undeniable to me.

2nd Runner Up=Nebraska-Sarah Summers

Sarah is very fresh and has a classic pageant look to her that should win her points. I wouldn't be surprised to see her take it all as she also seems to have the right look for a teen titleholder but somehow I get the feeling that something is going to keep her from the crown.

3rd Runner Up=North Carolina-Kat Puryear

She was my winner at one point because I loved her video and how it displayed her charisma and spunk. Like Oklahoma at Miss USA earlier this year, she also is sporting the bangs-down look which could help her stand out but I was hoping for a better gown so she fell a bit on my list but I still hope she does really well.

4th Runner Up=Delaware-Angela Viscount

I think her body and overall look will help get her far in the competition but her online interview video was what caused me to think that 4th runner up is the right placement for her.


Nevada-Katie Eklund

I think Katie could easily be in the top 5 but this gown is what caused her to fall on my list. She must have received some good tips from Shanna Moakler, Miss USA 1995 as she is involved with the Nevada team and I was impressed that she named Armi Kuusela, Miss Universe 1952 as the woman with whom she would like to have dinner.

West Virginia-Elizabeth Sabatino

Elizabeth has a strong aura about her and a lot of people really seem to like her. I thought her online interview was a bit dry but in a different setting, I think she can be more exciting so I'm interested to see what happens with her.

New Jersey-Kendal Barrett

Another one with a really great overall look and had a good online interview but the gown worries me a little but I think she's strong enough.

Utah-Keilara McCormick

You can't help but love this girl's disco-diva look. It just gives her that undeniable presence. Her online interview was also very impressive but this is another one that I wish went with a different gown.

Arizona-Alexa Zellers

A love of pageantry seems to run in this family as her sister Emerald Zellers was Miss Arizona Teen USA 2006 who placed in the top 10 during her year at Miss Teen USA and Alexa looks like she's on track to repeat her sister's placement. Her online interview was very well produced and she came across as very charming and having that teen quality.

Idaho-Kimberly Layne

This is another one that appears to be a favorite among pageant followers. She has a decent, exotic look to her and a nice body so she does have potential to do quite well.

Texas-Madison Lee

I don't think she will too far in the competition but she is quite confident. She knows Demi Lovato in case you didn't hear that in her online interview, which I'm sure you did. Madison does also have a very teen, cutesy look to her so it sounds like she can win over the judges and get that semifinalist spot.

Mississippi-Jessica Carter

After preliminaries, I was convinced to put her in my list. I think Jessica is quite photogenic and really stood out in swimsuit and gown. Her online interview was decent as well so she just may do it.

Kansas-Katie Taylor

This is another one that has a good overall look and seems to have the warmth to win over the judges. Her online interview did seem a bit unnatural sounding but I think in an actual interview setting that she will speak better.

Florida-Sydney Martinez

I wasn't terribly impressed with her gown but her headshot reminded me of Magen Ellis (former Miss Texas Teen USA and Texas USA) and others seem to feel strongly about her. Her online interview was quite good so she looks like she may get a spot.

South Carolina-Shannon Ford

I think her interview skills are strong after watching her online interview. South Carolina is traditionally a stronger pageant state and initially, I didn't think her face was the strongest but sometimes the teen look is a bit off and others seem to feel strongly about her so that convinced me to put her in my list.


Ohio-Kendall Fein

This was such a struggle for me to not put her in my list but in many cases, I just don't know who to take out to put her in. After a strong showing at Miss USA earlier, Ohio may just repeat its success at Miss Teen USA as Kendall seems to have a nice overall look and I like the one-shoulder white gown and she has a nice body so she could easily be up there but I wonder if her look may be too Miss for Teen?

Maine-Molly Fitzpatrick

I could see her up there but again there is just no room in my list. She has a nice face and her interview was okay but her body is quite tiny and I don't know if the judges like that so I decided to make her an alternate.

Alabama-Peyton Brown

Her interview surprised me because I wasn't expecting her to be such a tomboy so her onstage pageant look and her actual personality and interests seem to be a total mismatch but she's different and she has nice hair and a great body so she could be up there but I'm just not sure. The gown is a huge question mark too.

Arkansas-Amber Mitchell

She seems nice but just isn't making enough of an impact with others.

Indiana-Mackenzie Surber

She doesn't seem consistently on all the time but it is possible that she could do something.


New Mexico-Jacqueline Cai

Perhaps too scholastic for this pageant but I loved her gown.

Tennessee-Shanese Brown

Well, she's from Tennessee but I just don't quite get her similarly to Tennessee rep at Miss USA earlier this year who did place so you never know! If she's representing Tennessee, she must have something.

Washington-Alex Carlson-Helo

She had a great online video and her look is decent but I feel she just doesn't quite have the body.

Maryland-Stephanie Chervenkov

Maryland has been doing well in recent years and this year's delegate looks decent but just doesn't seem to be making enough of an impact.

Missouri-Jayde Ogle

This girl's a bit of a mystery. She kept her mask on when she did her intro during preliminaries but her gown and body look decent so there just might be something there.

Others I might mention include: Illinois who has a decent look but after watching her online interview, I feel she needs some polishing in that area. California's look is a bit much as her tan seems a bit extreme and I don't think it helps that she was arrested recently on May 5 for allegedly allowing a minor to drink alcohol at a party she was hosting in her home. New York was too chatty for my taste and to me, looks too young to be at this pageant. Oklahoma also falls under that category as I find her to be a bit too small-bodied. Pennsylvania took over duties of Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin after she resigned so it is like she already had a full reign. Georgia had a nice hairstyle and gown but I'm not so sure when it came to face and body. Hawaii was on one of my earlier lists but just fell off. Her gown may have been a bit too sexy for Teen.

Okay, so those are my prethoughts so we shall soon find out who will reign as Miss Teen USA 2012!


Time for Teen! The delegates for the 30th Miss Teen USA pageant have arrived in the Bahamas and it is going to be a quick week. The traditional presentation show featuring all 51 delegates competing in preliminary swimsuit and evening gown competitions will be held on July 27 at 8 p.m. EST (5 p.m. PST) and the webcast can be seen on UStream at and then the final show is on July 28 also at 8 p.m. EST (5 p.m. PST) so I will be posting my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2012 after I have had a chance to view the delegates in the preliminaries so early in the morning of July 28th is when I should have my predictions finalized and posted. There is an online fan vote for the first time for Miss Teen USA as has been done for Miss USA for the past 2 years where one delegate will be selected by an online vote at so there will be 16 semifinalists this year.

Who will succeed Danielle Doty and be crowned Miss Teen USA 2012? We'll find out on July 28!




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP