THE RESULTS (July 29, 2017)

It's a second win for the Show-Me State as Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff captures the Miss Teen USA crown for Missouri. Missouri's first Teen win was back in 2001 thanks to Marissa Whitley.

In terms of my predictions, I picked 7 of the top 15 plus 1 alternate (the winner-Missouri) and 2 honorable mentions (Indiana and Wyoming). I knew Indiana was going to place but I was tired after posting my predictions and I didn't know who to take out but it looks like I had many options as there were quite a few really random picks over some other delegates that I felt should have placed. The 5 semifinalists I missed altogether were: Oregon, Maryland, New York, Utah and West Virginia.



Winner=Missouri-Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff

Winner=Iowa-Carley Arnold*

1st Runner Up=Oregon-Vanessa Matheson

1st Runner Up=South Carolina-Alexis Johnson

2nd Runner Up=Nevada-Alexis Smith

2nd Runner Up=California-Jaanu Patel*

3rd Runner Up=Indiana-Paige Robinson

3rd Runner Up=Alabama-Claire Scott

4th Runner Up=California-Jaanu Patel

4th Runner Up=Texas-Kirby Lindley*



Arizona-Karly Riggs

Vermont-Kelsey Golonka*

Iowa-Carley Arnold

Pennsylvania-Lauren Weaver

Maryland-Taylor Spruill

Hawaii-Lauren Teruya

New York-Isabella Griffith

Nevada-Alexis Smith*

Oklahoma-Baylee Ogle

North Carolina-McKenzie Hansley

Texas-Kirby Lindley

Louisiana-Hailey Crausby

Utah-Rachel Bell

Tennessee-Megan Ski Hollingsworth

Vermont-Kelsey Golonka

Oklahoma-Baylee Ogle*

West Virginia-Olivia Hutchison

New Mexico-Kalina Hamilton

Wyoming-Autumn Schieferstein

Arizona-Karly Riggs*


ALTERNATES: Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri*


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Indiana*, Connecticut, Wyoming*, Virginia, Washington


* = made actual top 15

I will post my full commentary on Miss Teen USA 2017 on August 6.


THE PREDICTIONS (July 29, 2017)

After watching preliminaries, I have now come up with my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2017 and they are as follows!


Winner = Iowa-Carley Arnold

Call this pick a gamble if you must but this girl won me over when I saw her online interview. I was getting "it" vibes and her look is very teen and fresh much like previous winners like Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 and Shelley Hennig, Miss Teen USA 2004. I detect genuine warmth from Carley and she is athletic but is new to the pageant scene like Olivia Culpo was so I think she has just the right look and won't come across as too pageant-patty. I also think they might go for a brunette since a blonde won last year and even famously had an all blonde top 5 last year. Carley has a certain understated appeal about her which I think the judges will find refreshing so we'll see what happens.

1st Runner Up = South Carolina-Alexis Johnson

Alexis is total frontrunner. A beautiful standout in every way. She is very poised, intelligent and striking and has all the attributes that a great winner should possess. She worked her yellow gown very nicely in preliminaries and she could totally take it all. It also doesn't hurt that one of the judges is South Carolina's last Miss Teen USA winner (K. Lee Graham).

2nd Runner Up = California-Jaanu Patel

Did you notice my top 3 are all wearing yellow gowns??? Jaanu is of Indian descent and her exotic look combined with her intelligence and great body and presentation also make her a frontrunner.

3rd Runner Up = Alabama-Claire Scott

Not only is Claire breathtaking but this gown was a real show-stopper and she started the show! This gown can only propel her far in the competition and Alabama has been very strong at Miss Teen USA placing 4 of the last 5 years and Claire is expected to keep it going and could possibly even take the crown!

4th Runner Up = Texas-Kirby Lindley

Can the lonestar state pull off the first set of back-to-back wins at Miss Teen USA? It's very possibly as Kirby is easily one of the best overall delegates this year but somehow I feel that something might keep her from the crown. I place her as 4th runner up because I think her religious-speak could come out in the final question and answer round and that isn't always smiled upon these days. That and also this gown is a very risky but unique choice but when you have a body like Kirby's, you can pretty much pull anything off.


Vermont-Kelsey Golonka

Vermont doesn't place that often but Kelsey could very well get the Green Mountain state a third placement in a row as they have been really coming on strong in recent years. They did win the crown in 1993 with the memorable Charlotte Lopez and Kelsey looks like she is a very strong, overall candidate so I am also looking for her to do very well.

Pennsylvania-Lauren Weaver

She can recite the Gettysburg address and this kind of thing has been getting wins lately (i.e. Katherine Haik naming all the presidents in 2015 and Karlie Hay stating the preamble to the U.S. Constitution in 2016). I actually really liked her black gown and she just comes across as confident so I think she will be among the semifinalists.

Hawaii-Lauren Teruya

Lauren had an impressive interview and has prepared well. She stood out in the preliminary competition by skipping all throughout the active wear competition and walking very slowly during the gown competition but delivering dramatic twirls in both competitions and this girl means business. Pageantry runs in her family also as Lauren's sister Kathryn was Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2012 and she placed in the top 16 during her year so will Lauren follow in her sister's footsteps?

Nevada-Alexis Smith

Alexis also has a genuine sweetness about her and her look is distinct with the curly hair similar to what the reigning Miss USA, Kára McCullough sported when she won her crown. She also worked this lovely, lavender ball gown very well and she's very fit so I think she is absolutely a worthy semifinalist.

North Carolina-McKenzie Hansley

North Carolina has done extremely well recently placing in the top 3 for the past two years so can Kenzie do it again? She is also a former Miss North Carolina's Outstanding Teen and I think these winners are more along the lines of what the pageant owners IMG are looking for these days. Kenzie is strong overall and her gown and look and her cute dog in her online video made her that much more appealing. Surprisingly, North Carolina has never won Miss Teen USA but they have 3 1st runner ups and 3 2nd runner ups!

Louisiana-Hailey Crausby

Hailey is also quite strong overall. I like her gown and her interview was also very good so I am looking for her to get a spot.

Tennessee-Megan Ski Hollingsworth

The volunteer state is typically a strong state at Miss Teen USA and Megan is no exception. She had a very good interview and her gown was stunning as is regularly expected of Tennessee's girls.

Oklahoma-Baylee Ogle

Baylee is a strong overall candidate with a great interview and a great look and I am looking for her to do well also.

New Mexico-Kalina Hamilton

The land of enchantment typically doesn't do that well in pageants with sporadic placements here and there. Kalina is one to keep an eye on though as her performance was actually quite good and she does have a strong overall look and it's interesting that she is 1/8 Japanese.

Arizona-Karly Riggs

The hometown girl is actually quite charismatic and gave me the impression that she could pull off a placement after preliminaries so I gave Karly a spot in my list.


Massachusetts-Caitlyn Martin

Caitlyn has a great overall look and her story about overcoming epilepsy was intriguing. She also can sing the preamble to the U.S. Constitution so she is one to watch.

Michigan-Kenzie Weingartz

Kenzie does have a nice body and her sleek hair did stand out so she could be up there. Her tomboyishness might be a little pronounced in interview but she pulled off the pageant look very well.

Minnesota-Tori Trittin

She can list all 27 amendments and in recent years, this kind of thing has won crowns. I don't think she quite has the overall look but there are always surprises and this girl could potentially be one of them.

Mississippi-Hannah Chisolm

Hannah also came across as more complete to me with a strong overall look and great interview as well but somehow I get the impression that she might not quite win over the judges so I'm putting her here.

Missouri-Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff

For the first time, my 5 alternates are all states that start with "M"! Missouri sends a decent delegate that could pull it off and her blue gown matched the background perfectly but somehow I don't feel strongly enough about her for whatever reason but she could be up there.


Indiana-Paige Robinson

She had a decent interview and has a nice long, lean body so she also could be up there. Her gown and presentation are also nice so keep an eye on her.

Connecticut-Lana Coffey

Lana's quite tall and bright having graduated high school at age 16. Something about her look seemed a bit off during preliminaries so I ended up placing her here but she could place.

Wyoming-Autumn Schieferstein

Wyoming doesn't have a high success rate in pageantry but Autumn is a possibility. She is good overall but could just fall short.

Virginia-Madison Walker

I think the judges could be intrigued that she has a twin brother with down syndrome so there's definitely a story here. Virginia hasn't placed since 2010 so could Madison bring them back?

Washington-Alyssa Williams

Aly also did quite well in the preliminaries so she is another possibility. Washington also hasn't placed since 2010.

So there you have it! Another year with another list so let's see how it goes this time around and we'll find out who I got right or who I missed entirely!

Watch the webcast for Miss Teen USA tonight (July 30 at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time / 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) at



Karlie Hay, Miss Teen USA 2016

Who will succeed Texas' Karlie Hay and be the teen queen for 2017?

The big night is July 29 on 6 PM Pacific Standard Time and the pageant will be held for the first time in Phoenix, Arizona at the Symphony Hall. The preliminaries will be held on July 28 at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The webcasts for both preliminaries and finals can be viewed at

Singer Jorge Blanco will perform at the Venue and the co-hosts for the event are Erin Lim and Heidi Powell. The judges will once again be an all-female panel like last year. The judges are: K. Lee Graham (Miss Teen USA 2014), Divya Gugnani (entrepreneur), Syleste Rodriguez (news anchor), Tamaya Petteway (senior VP of Endemol Shine North America) and Kalani Hilliker (dancer who appeared on "Dance Moms")

After viewing the Miss Teen USA Preliminaries on July 28, I will post my final predictions on the morning of July 29 and we will find out later that night, who wins the crown!




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP