THE RESULTS (May 18, 2018)

The IMG era is about achievements and accomplishments over beauty. Kansas has captured a second Miss Teen USA crown (succeeding Keylee Sue Sanders' win in 1995) thanks to Hailey Colborn who was accepted to the prestigious Princeton University where she will attend with a political concentration with the ambition of becoming involved in politics. She danced ballet for 14 years and self love is her platform as she started a mentorship group called SelfPosi where she travels to schools preaching the importance of self love.

In terms of my predictions, I picked 10 of the top 15 plus 2 alternates (Maryland and West Virginia). Utah was in my next tier but the 2 ladies that missed my list entirely were the winner (Kansas) and the 2nd runner up (Colorado). Surprises were to expected and Kansas wasn't anywhere on my radar and Colorado dared to be different and I guess the judges appreciated that. I was glad though that 3 of my top 5 made the actual top 5 and I even correctly predicted both the 1st runner up and the 3rd runner up.



Winner=Kansas-Hailey Colborn

Winner=North Carolina-Kaaviya Sambasivam*

1st Runner Up=South Carolina-Kirby Self

1st Runner Up=South Carolina-Kirby Self*

2nd Runner Up=Colorado-Chloe Zambrano

2nd Runner Up=Tennessee-Sofie Rovenstine*

3rd Runner Up=Illinois-Sydni-Dion Bennett

3rd Runner Up=Illinois-Sydni-Dion Bennett*

4th Runner Up=North Carolina-Kaaviya Sambasivam

4th Runner Up=Virginia-Himanvi Panidepu

FINALISTS (alpha'l):


Florida-Lou Schieffelin

Minnesota-Peyton Schroeder

Georgia-Savannah Miles

Georgia-Savannah Miles*

Louisiana-Lindsey Conque

Nevada-Britney Barnhart*

Tennessee-Sofie Rovenstine

California-Janeice Love*

Utah-Madilen Kellogg

Michigan-Anane Loveday*



California-Janeice Love

Oklahoma-Zoe Ferraro

Maryland-Caleigh Shade

Florida-Lou Schieffelin*

Michigan-Anane Loveday

New Jersey-Diana Smerina

Nevada-Britney Barnhart

Louisiana-Lindsey Conque*

West Virginia-Trinity Tiffany

Texas-Brenna Flynn


ALTERNATES: Maryland*, West Virginia*, Iowa, Alabama, New Mexico


HONORABLE MENTIONS: North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Wisconsin, Nebraska


* = made actual top 15

I will post my full commentary on Miss Teen USA 2018 on May 28.


THE PREDICTIONS (May 18, 2018)

A lot of people were disappointed to learn that the preliminaries for Miss Teen USA were not webcast this year which made predicting that much more difficult but at least there are pictures. The hosts for this year's pageant are: Erin Lim and Cecilio Asuncion. The judges (now called the selection committee) are: Crystle Stewart Sebrechts (Miss USA 2008), Brittney Rogers Collins (Miss Louisiana USA 2003), Ashley Fox, Bia Roldan, Kalani Hilliker and Marta Topran.

After reviewing bios, pictures and whatever is available online, I have now come up with my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2018 and they are as follows!


Winner = North Carolina-Kaaviya Sambasivam

I've liked Kaaviya since seeing her headshot and I've had her as my winner for a long time now actually. She is stunning and brings in some refreshing unique diversity and she is smart having completed her first year as a double major in International Business and Psychology at the University of Georgia. She also aspires to obtain a law degree so I think Kaaviya has what it takes to impress the selection committee and take the crown. Will she get North Carolina's first Miss Teen USA crown?

1st Runner Up = South Carolina-Kirby Self

The Carolinas got my top two spots this year. Kirby's bio really impressed me as she is pursuing a degree in Language & International Trade with a double minor in Non-profit Leadership and Business Administration. She is a three-time State Track & Field Champion and is even near obtaining her private pilot’s license with only a few instructional hours left before her first solo flight. That and pilots make me think of Australia's Voni Delfos who was 4th place at Miss Universe 1993.

2nd Runner Up = Tennessee-Sofie Rovenstine

Well, she's already signed with IMG so hmmm... but even if she wasn't, this girl's a total frontrunner. She has the height and the looks and the accomplishments some of which include obtaining her associates degree in International Affairs with plans to attend law school after graduation and she has even lived in the mountains of Mexico performing mission work with her family in her youth caring for underprivileged people.

3rd Runner Up = Illinois-Sydni-Dion Bennett

Sydni-Dion drew me in initially with her headshot and her performance in the preliminaries sealed the deal. She is an accomplished dancer from the age of 6 and we all know how gracefully dancers move on stage so I'm looking for a strong finish from this girl and she could even get a second win for Illinois since Cherise Haugen did it in 1984.

4th Runner Up = Virginia-Himanvi Panidepu

Himanvi was also amazing in preliminaries and she brings more diversity to the mix. She is involved in Indian classical singing and dancing and is active in her own platform, Happy Choices, by continuing to raise awareness on mental health issues, and drug and alcohol prevention. Could Himanvi get Virginia their first win?


Minnesota-Peyton Schroeder

Peyton also just has a look about her that just draws you in. She almost has a bit of a Reese Witherspoon look to her. She also was a dancer until a knee injury requiring reconstructive surgery put an end to that so will she make a comeback on the Miss Teen USA stage and get Minnesota's first win?

Georgia-Savannah Miles

She is an aspiring doctor committed to childhood cancer research after losing a friend to cancer at the age of 14 and she has also received the prestigious Gold Presidential Service Award three times. These accomplishments combined with her overall look and presentation make Savannah a strong contender.

Nevada-Britney Barnhart

Britney's gown reminds me of Miss Universe 2015-Pia Wurtzbach's farewell gown. She is also well prepared under the tutelage of former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler. Britney also has significant achievements as a scholar Honor Roll student, a dancer for fourteen years, and she authored and published "Katie The Caterpillar," a children's anti-bullying book promoting kindness.

California-Janeice Love

Janeice is a stunning biracial beauty in a gorgeous gown and does boast achievements of being an honor graduate, cheerleading captain, completed 1 year of college in high school, and is a member of Soldiers Angels, a non-profit organization that sends care packages to deployed female soldiers. Could Janeice get California a third Miss Teen USA win?

Michigan-Anane Loveday

Anane has an interesting background story as she was born into poverty in Ethiopia and after her birth mother could not take care of her, she lived on the streets and eventually in an orphanage with her baby sister Zoe. She was adopted and spoke no English when she arrived in America and now she is competing on the Miss Teen USA stage with a unique and compelling look that has won the hearts of many and I appreciate her gown and she really brings some flavor to this year's competition. Could she get Michigan's first Miss Teen USA crown?

Oklahoma-Zoe Ferraro

Zoe really impressed me in preliminaries. This gown is sensational and she really does have a powerful overall look. She also has a story of overcoming a literacy problem to become an honor roll student and plans to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology with the ambition of becoming a celebrity stylist. She also can perform Irish step dancing! Will Zoe get a second Miss Teen USA crown for Oklahoma?

Florida-Lou Schieffelin

They're looking for accomplishments and Lou has plenty. She boasts a 5.0 GPA, has performed 700 hours of community service, was the only student invited from her school to the 2018 National Student Leadership Conference for Law, Advocacy & National Security and she aspires to be a lawyer herself with an eye on her father's alma mater: Harvard. She is also active in AT&T's anti-texting and driving campaign. Lou was a force in preliminaries so will she be the one to get Florida's first Miss Teen USA crown?

New Jersey-Diana Smerina

A self-described bookworm, stunning and fresh Diana boasts a 4.2 GPA with hopes to become a Geneticist and positively affect the lives of people with genetic disorders. I was pleased with what I saw from her in preliminaries so Diana so she gets a spot in my list. Will she get a first Miss Teen USA crown for New Jersey?

Louisiana-Lindsey Conque

Sure, let's give a spot to the hometown girl. Lindsey is the host delegate this year and she is very well rounded. She is a cheerleader whose love for biology gave her the ambition to become a medical illustrator. Will Louisiana get its third Miss Teen USA win?

Texas-Brenna Flynn

My final spot goes to the most successful state at Miss Teen USA, Texas. With 3 wins and 2 1st runner up placements, Texas dominates at both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA. Brenna has a good look about her and she has a passion for fashion so we shall see if she can continue their streak and get a fifth consecutive placement for the Lonestar state.


Maryland-Caleigh Shade

Caleigh could get a spot but I wasn't convinced after preliminaries. She is a freshman political science and communications major at Salisbury University, is involved organizing local political campaigns, interned for the Governor of Maryland, and teaches elementary school children about the civic process so could Caleigh get Maryland a second win?

West Virginia-Trinity Tiffany

Trinity was close to making my list but just fell out after preliminaries. Perhaps it was the low slit in the gown but she is accomplished as she has been granted free tuition to Marshall University due to a combination of grades, test scores, and overall GPA. She has also founded a school club for students with special needs called Team Unity. Could she get West Virginia's first win?

Iowa-Isabella Russell

Isabella was so close to making my list but I had to make some judgment calls and she ended up here but I liked her preliminary performance so I would not be surprised to see her place. Could she get a second win for Iowa?

Alabama-Kennedy Cromeens

She is a decent overall candidate but I just felt there wasn't enough of a story here.

New Mexico-Madison Turner

She's a possibility as she has a story of having undergone brain surgery, developed a business, and acted as a voice for others with rare health conditions and her performance in preliminaries was decent.


North Dakota-Ashlyn Erickson

Her personality over body could score her some points so she is one to watch. She is captain of her high school dance team and wants to obtain a degree in fashion merchandising.

Pennsylvania-Kailey Grill

She is a honors student and she is unique in that she plays lacrosse. I wasn't totally sure after preliminaries though so I placed her here.

Idaho-Jacy Uhler

There's achievements here as she boasts a GPA of over 4.1, entered Boise State University’s Honors College on an academic scholarship at just 17 years old. She was born in raised in California and also plays soccer. I didn't feel strongly enough after preliminaries so this is where I placed her.

Wisconsin-Alexis Loomans

She looked decent in prelims and plans to pursue a degree in the medical field with hopes of becoming an Anesthesiologist in Pediatrics

Nebraska-Michaela Edstrand

She looked decent in preliminaries. She plans to pursue a degree in Public Relations and Marketing and hopes to advocate for social media safety.

My next tier delegates were: New Hampshire, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York and Utah.

So there you have it! Another year with another list so let's see how it goes this time around and we'll find out who I got right or who I missed entirely!

Watch the webcast for Miss Teen USA (May 18 at 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time) at



Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, Miss Teen USA 2017

Who will succeed Missouri's Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff and be the teen queen for 2018?

SAD UPDATE: The preliminaries for Miss Teen USA are not being webcast this year.

The big day for the finals is May 18 at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time and the pageant will be held for the first time as a concurrent event only a few days prior to the Miss USA 2018 competition in Shreveport, Louisiana at the Hirsch Coliseum. The preliminaries will be held on May 16 at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The webcast for finals only (not preliminaries) can be viewed at

I will post my final predictions on the morning of May 18 and we will find out later that day, who wins the crown!




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP